AIDVANCE – Moving Ethical Work Forward

AIDVANCE is an Austrian-based social enterprise dedicated to advancing and raising ethical practice in the international aid and development sector.
We provide advisory, consultancy and training services to actors engaging in this field. This includes non-governmental organizations as well as private and public donor institutions. Taking a multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary approach, Aidvance provides services at both project/program as well as organizational level.
At project and program level our main aim is to support and enhance innovative, effective, efficient and crisis-resilient design and implementation; at organizational level we focus on strengthening governance and strategy processes and brokering partnerships.
Any Aidvance commitment rests on the principles of integrity, sustainability, and value-for-money.

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What others say about us

“For several years I haven’t had such a great training. It was very well structured in terms of content & theory and filled with so much creativity and clarity. I enjoyed it very much!”
Nadja Nikulin, Germany / Morocco
“Very useful tools presented; wonderful mode of facilitation that enables learning, creativity and the ability to problem solving.”
Mercy Shahale, Kenya / Ethiopia
“It is not often or everyone that can make the abstract, concrete and applicable – the AIDVANCE facilitators know their stuff and how to present it in an effective manner so participants get both the 30,000 foot and ground level perspectives.”
Samuel Sanders, USA / Norway
“Dynamic and perfectly participatory way of learning.”
Seyni Cisse, Senegal
“It was a great and inspirational experience.”
Rosa Vilchez, Peru
“Thank you for the great creativity and interactivity during the training. It was a really good session and very eye-opening.”
Zvikomborero Zimunya, Zimbabwe
“Fabulous! Inspiring! I am equipped with spot-on theoretical and practical knowledge to train people all over the world.”
Barbara Stricker, Austria / Belgium